Vegan Lentil Recipe – Ingredients And Directions On How To Create The Good Vegan Lentils

This vegan lentil recipecan be a lentil salad dressed having a crimson wine vinaigrette. You can get a great portion of greens within this meal, that is often a healthful matter to perform. This recipe incorporates each lettuce, which is served fresh and lightly dressed, and swiss chard, which gets lightly cooked with all the lentils. Greens are some thing that can continually get applied a lot more with your diet, and they support from the digestion of lentils. Protein and calcium are found in lentils, in addition to numerous other nutrients. Their earthly flavor is contrasted using a tangy sunflower seed crumble to top off this warm lentil salad.

Serves four being a meal.

Vegan Lentil Recipe Ingredients

  • one Tbsp olive oil
  • one diced onion
  • one clove minced garlic
  • 1 diced carrot
  • one bay leaf
  • 1 cup lentils (dry measure)
  • 1 Tbsp red wine
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup pink wine vinegar
  • pinch sea salt
  • 1 bunch chard
  • ½ mind crimson leaf lettuce

Sunflower Seed Crumble Topping:

  • ½ cup ground sunflower seeds
  • one-two Tbsp nutritional yeast
  • sea salt to taste
  • one Tbsp olive oil

Vegan Lentil Recipe Directions

  1. Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil in a very big pot on moderate heat. Cook them till they may be translucent.
  2. Up coming saute the carrots until eventually they are slightly cooked.
  3. Add the dry lentils and bay leaf, and add wine if making use of it. Add a couple of cups of drinking water to your pot provide it to a boil. Flip the warmth along to some simmer after it reaches a boil, and cook the lentils for 20-30 mins, until eventually they are really soft but not falling apart.
  4. Whisk jointly pink wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and allow sit to combine though the lentils are cooking.
  5. Make the sunflower seed crumble by grinding the sunflower seeds in the coffee grinder or blender. Pour them right into a bowl and add nutritional yeast and salt. Add about a tablespoon olive oil, just plenty of to stir the mixture along right into a crumbly texture.
  6. Drain any excess liquid away from the lentils the moment they're cooked, and stir in most of the red wine vinegar dressing, leaving some to gown the lettuce. Chop the rinsed chard and add it for the pot, stirring it in to the lentils. Keep this around the warmth, on minimal, for no less than 10 mins.
  7. Rinse, dry and tear the lettuce. Toss it together with the remaining dressing in a very big bowl. Make a mattress of lettuce on a plate, topping it aided by the lentil mixture. Conclude this vegan lentil recipe away by sprinkling a tablespoon of the sunflower seed crumble on top. You will have some crumble still left around for a different meal. It is really excellent on pasta, pizza, stir fry, or fairly much anything at all you'll be able to believe of.

Birthday Party For The Production Of Lasting Memories

I remember the first days after the birth of my son. Still groggy from the medicine, I am, I was vaguely aware of these stories happens next to my bed as the nurses performed the test for use after the birth of my newborn. I remember holding her little body for the first time, lest I hurt him. And I remember how everything seemed peaceful; quiet how he was and how my husband and I seemed to have already established a relationship with him.

And then we went to the hospital.

What followed was the most tiring, frustrating, exciting, fun and stressful years of my life.

On Saturday a small group of relatives and friends gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of my son. Although the party, like all birthdays, it was a rite of passage for my son, he was also a sign of growing my husband and I have done as parents.

I've always said that I did not throw my kids birthday party before we take 3

My husband and I have often joked that when that day, we just replace the plugs numbered on the top of the cake for the photos, it looks as if we had three different sections instead of one. But like most things I've experienced throughout this year, when it comes to newborns, there is almost always a curve thrown his way. My curve was when we attended the first birthday party of the twins of our friends.

“It's necessary to have a party,” he told his parents. And even if we all agree that the party was more than the child, they insist, at least I wish we had recorded.

A month before the festival was stressful. I insisted on food: There should be a salad or pasta salad “

I stressed in the activities: What kind of games makes 1 year old playing “And I said we should buy more gifts: It would be absurd to give a gift card” can CFIA E + wrap your gift! Christmas paper scraps “

Day was a great party activity. Already the first guest arrived I had to accomplish things.

When the game is in progress, i.e. birthday boy had finished a nap, all the irrational fears that I had disappeared. I watched as he played with his new toys and interact with other children – something I rarely get to see.

I laughed when he ate his birthday cake, smearing blue enamel in her hair, despite the mess; I knew I had to clean later.

And most importantly, I celebrated with friends and family the blessing we received a year ago.

It is difficult to believe that smiling, screaming, eating cake-boy Saturday is the same small, quiet beam we have the hospital last year. And as we begin the second year is a bit sad to let go of the child and move to the toddler. But I feel better knowing that our friends were right to insist we are a party.

Because years from now – when our son no longer needs us to help him go because he no longer believes that everything we do is fun – I can get back on photos of his face smeared with cake and remember when mom and dad was his whole world.

Do Not Resort To Market Made Salad Dressings

Markets are flooded with diversified range of salad dressings though; nothing can surpass deliciousness factor of the ones that made at home. Resorting to those canned salad dressing India is one of many alternative things that can be resorted to, homemade salad dressing will sure-shot win favour. Having least said, mentioning a few salad dressings that score a perfect ten on everyone's priority list:

Blue cheese dressings: this one rings round bottle. With so much to do with this one, this one looks absolutely natural and enhances flavor. Apart from salad, can be sprinkled while making pasta and can also add a touch of uniqueness if spread on bread slices.

Creamy dressing: instead of consuming scoops of veggies just for having it, how about adding creamy dressing to it and then delighting taste buds. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it tastes equally interesting too.

Dijon dressing: this might sound uncommon to many of you, but its taste is likely to make you feel heavenly. Whisk together Dijon mustard seeds, grated onions, add a tbsp. of sugar to it. Add salt and you are done. This is not limited to having with bread or omelet; you can have it with anything like potato chips or wafers at times. So the bottom line is this innovative dressing sauce can be used with anything and everything of your choice.

Vintage dressing: now this strangely named dressing is good to go with anything. All that it calls for is mayonnaise, vegetable oil, white vinegar, sugar, black salt, crumbled cheese and sour cream. Blend these ingredients together, whisk until it goes smooth.

Vintage salad dressing: well, this one is my personal favorite. This one is as simple as complicated it sounds. Well, keeping aside the pun, all that it would take is onion, hard-boiled and chopped egg, dried chives, salt (to taste), garlic (to taste), olive oil, white vinegar. Blend together all the ingredients, mix all these well and once its whisked nicely, you are good to go with.

Well, these are a few out of many salad dressings that can be made at home. All that these require are a few simple ingredients and you'll be good to go with. So, from next time onwards, instead of resorting to those canned dressing bottles, it is presumed that you would know what has to be done. So better be up with it, be innovative and you'll get ample options to choose from.

Understand How Low Carb Pasta Will Benefit You

A lot of people who relish eating foods that taste fantastic realize that maintaining a healthy weight can sometimes be very hard. The planet is full of great-tasting foods that are not always healthy for us, and it can be a struggle to eat less of these things that are so enjoyable. It's discouraging to know that many of the foods that we believe taste the best are often the foods that we should be eating far less of. It is a natural want to feel healthy.

We feel an urge to spend excess energy, to go out and exercise, but we have to find a balance with our urge to eat delicious food. Millions of people try everything from fad diets, diet pills or even undergoing surgery in an effort to lose weight. But before you begin looking into expensive treatments or procedures, you should think of low carb pasta and other diet foods. Even though you may know that good nutrition is important, it's very easy to omit that from your thoughts while eating a calorie-laden meal. You might almost have to wonder if people's minds allow them to forget such an important thing so that they don't have to focus on the fact that the food they're eating is affecting their health in a negative way. However, if you really want to watch your figure, you must take into account the nutritional value of what you ingest. The choices are to eat the things that impact your weight negatively or eat the things that will help your weight. Either way, it will show on your body at some point in the end. You will need to give thought to the things that you eat. It could be that you're eating a salad made with healthy vegetables, but this is nearly negated by the fact that the salad is slathered in a salad dressing that is very high in calories. You might have added vegetables to that spaghetti sauce, but you're still eating a mass of highly-caloric carbohydrates and insoluble fiber.

It is possible to replace one of ingredients in your meal, but you must focus on replacing it with something that matters. What better ingredient to exchange than the staple food that makes up the majority of your dish? Just about the most effective ways of keeping a person from eating is making them feel like they are full, even if they aren't. Everyone has heard that drinking water can temporarily make a person not feel hungry, so imagine if some other substance could be used to do the same in a meal. Low carb pasta is able to do exactly that. Traditional pasta used in pasta dishes consists of insoluble fiber, while miracle noodles contain soluble fiber. The fantastic thing about soluble fiber is that it is digested slower than insoluble fiber is, and consequently will keep you feeling fuller longer than insoluble fiber pasta does. Low carb pasta made of insoluble fiber doesn't just help satiate your hunger, it is additionally digested more slowly so that your body has the ability to absorb more of the nutrients it contains. Assuming further that you eat these noodles with food that is healthy, the combination is a more filling meal that has fewer calories to start with and is absorbed more completely into the body. There are not many diet foods that provide you the ability to eat less, while also feeling satisfied with the amount you eat! So check out these miracle noodles for your own benefit, and see the results first-hand.

What Do I Eat In A Day?

There are many ways to eat a high raw diet or any other healthy diet. My diet has evolved over the years to include more whole, plant and raw foods. It hasn't been a one day cold turkey radical change which I really don't advise you to make. I would prefer see people transitioning in a steady pace – while learning a new way of eating and appreciating the health benefits in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels – rather than go back and forth to processed foods and possibly eventually giving up out of frustration or lack of success. Give yourself time to like new food. It will become enjoyable as your taste change to appreciate wholesome foods and you start implanting healthy habits.

For me it has been quite an adventure, not always easy but the rewards in freedom from diseases, high stable energy and joy of living were worth all the efforts. There has been time I admit when I curse my knowledge and wish I was ignorant and innocent so I could live like everyone else, not thinking about consequences and not be so different. When I reassess my purpose and goals I go back on the bandwagon more determined than ever that it is my chosen path. I gain more confidence in it than following the status quo.

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

Here is how my day looks like:


Breakfast is usually between 8 and 9am; usually I'll have a green smoothie including 2-3 cups greens and herbs – mint, dill, parsley – and 2 seasonal local fruits plus 1 cup fresh or frozen berries. A couple of times a week I make a nut or seed milk and eat it with sprouted oats and berries or granola made with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat. I eat along some lettuce and celery stalks.


Most days for lunch it is lentil sprouts salad or buckwheat sprouts salad with a small avocado, some veggies and sauerkraut. I highly enjoy eating these sprouts. Some other days I like to make vegetable wrap out of leaves such as lettuce, collard or young cabbage leaves. I fill it with sprouts, sauerkraut and avocado, a seed pate or nut sauce. Yummy! Others favorite lunches are dehydrated buckwheat breads or wrappers with vegetables.


For dinner if I'm out of time I'll have a blended soup with crackers and some seed cheese; or a generous salad with a dressing; or veggies with a nice nut dip; or only veggies with whole nuts and nut butter. A couple of times a week I like to put my hands at creating nice raw meals such as alfredo pasta, zucchini pesto, burgers and cauliflower rice, raw chili and taco, quiche, raw pizza, feta cheese… I'm usually proud of my creation and savour it with great gusto. More of these recipes in future newsletters.

With my salad I might opt for the addition of some steamed non-starchy vegetables in

season such as asparagus, green beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower…

Dessert: I keep raw desserts for the weekend as I don't want to have too many sweets in my diet even if it is from natural food such as dates. I'm sensitive to concentrated sweeteners and too much may create health problems for me. I'm now experimenting with stevia, a low glycemic sweetener.


The weekend is a bit different. On the weekend I'll make a nice cooked vegan meal such as Indian food with lentils, vegetable and rice, or Thai curry with cauliflower curry with rice or simply steamed potatoes with guacamole and sometimes hummus.

I really enjoy eating meals composed of the most nutritious, fresh and whole foods.

My diet is still evolving and might be different in a year from now. The principles for healthy eating are going to be elaborated in a free report that I'm writing at the moment and will be available in a few weeks. Stay tune for the launch. There will be a short survey attached to it.

Get Sexy Silhouette in Few Weeks Following These Weight Loss Tips

Now, that you are firm on undertaking a weight loss regime towards attaining a slim silhouette this twenty eight day meal plan will help to improve your slimming power so that you can face the world with confidence. Workouts at a fitness centre Singapore produce best results when they are combined with some effective diet plan. Here are some tips that are designed to boost your body's detoxification process and improve your digestion. You can expect to feel more energized, have a glowing skin and powerful confidence altogether.

Slimming strategies that will aid up your efforts at a Singapore gym are –

  1. Eliminate all the packaged and processed food stuff from your diet during the next four weeks. This will bring your liver into action, which is the main detoxification channel.
  2. Make sure that you eat at regular intervals. You should eat three meals and two additional snacks, one mid morning and the other mid afternoon to avoid sugar dips.
  3. Increase your water intake to a minimum of two liters per day. Avoid caffeinated drinks and swap tea and coffee with decaffeinated editions viz. herbal teas. Catalyze your water by adding cucumber slices or squeezing few lemon drops.
  4. Eat slowly chewing food to a fuller extent. This will help improve the digestion process, as saliva contains digestive enzymes.
  5. One treat a week is allowed. This may contain a small glass of red wine, a small piece of dark chocolate, lemon sorbet or a small quantity of frozen yoghurt.

Expecting quick results after joining a fitness gym Singapore! Try one of the following meal ideas.

Breakfast Ideas

  • Oats – 50g with Almond milk – 70 ml and mixed seeds – 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar free granola – 50 g with natural yogurt – 1 small pot
  • Rye toast – 2 slices with nut butter
  • Wholemeal toast – 1 slice with egg poach – 2 no. and some spinach

Lunch Ideas

  • Wholemeal bread chicken sandwich having one grilled chicken breast and tomato.
  • Half carton of fresh lentil soup along with a whole-meal roll.
  • Pasta salad using 100g of whole-meal pasta, one chopped salmon fillet along with a handful of wilted spinach and two tablespoons creme fraiche, with lemon and parsley garnish.

Dinner Ideas

  • Bean stew made with half tin of mixed beans, clove garlic – 1, tomatoes – ½ tin, carrot – 1, courgette – ½, paprika – ½ teaspoon, cinnamon – ½ teaspoon
  • Grilled steak – 100g, served with steamed kale and half of sliced and baked sweet potato
  • Minced lamb – 100g cooked in half a jar of fresh tomato sauce, one red onion, one clove garlic and one chopped carrot altogether served with brown rice – 50g and mixed salad leaves – ½ bag

Snack Ideas

  • Oatcakes – 2 with houmous – 2 tablespoons
  • Two ryvitas served with two tablespoons guacamole
  • Chopped apple – 1 and a small pot of natural yoghurt
  • Brazil nuts – 5 and pear -1
  • Cheddar cheese – 25g, red grapes – 1 small bunch
  • Shake of whey protein -1

If you workout at a Singapore gym on a regular basis and follow the above mentioned diet plan, you may expect quick results in form of a slim silhouette within four weeks.

Follow These Simple Secrets to Burn Fat Effortlessly

There are many diets available that claim to help you burn off body fat. One of the best kept secrets to losing weight is to simply eat foods in specific combinations that allow the body to fully digest what you eat. The basic principle of eating to promote weight loss involves combining items from compatible food groups while avoiding incompatible foods in the same meal. This allows your digestive system to work properly, resulting in complete digestion. Here's a simplified guide for optimal food combining.

There are four distinct types of food, and each type requires different conditions for complete digestion. The four different food types are proteins, carbohydrates, non-starchy vegetables, and fruits. Protein foods include eggs, fish and shellfish, meat, milk, yogurt and cheese, soybeans, soya products and tofu, and nuts. Carbohydrates include potatoes and starchy vegetables, grains such as rice, corn, oats and millet, pasta, honey, sweets, and baked goods such as bread, biscuits, cakes, and pastries. Non-starchy vegetables include common salad ingredients, herbs, and some seeds.

Fruits are subdivided into sweet, acidic, sub-acidic, and melons. Sweet fruits include: bananas, figs, dates, prunes, and most dried fruits. Acidic fruits include lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and pineapples. Sub-acidic fruits include: apples, papaya, mango, plums, kiwi, peaches, and most berries. Melons include watermelon, muskmelon, honeydew, and various other melons.

These different types of foods require different conditions in the digestive track to fully break down and be assimilated. For example, proteins require an acidic environment for complete digestion, while carbohydrates require a an alkaline condition. When you combine proteins and carbohydrates at the same meal, the acidic and alkaline mixture of digestive juices creates a neutral condition in the digestive track. The result is that neither the proteins nor carbs get fully digested, and this can lead to many digestive problems. Bloating, heartburn, cramps, flatulence and even irritable bowel syndrome can result from eating improper food combinations over a period of time.

To avoid such problems and burn fat effectively, follow these simple rules of proper food combining at each meal. Do not combine proteins and carbohydrates at the same meal. You can eat proteins or carbs with non-starchy vegetables.

Eat fruits alone, and, preferably on an empty stomach. To avoid digestive discomfort, eat only one type at a sitting, or combine the different types as follows: sweet fruits with sub-acid fruits, or acid fruits with sub-acid fruits. Melons should not be eaten with any other fruit.

Furthermore, the time your body requires to digest the different types of food varies. Carbs are digested in two hours while proteins require four hours for complete digestion. Therefore, wait at least three hours after eating a carb meal to have protein.

Since these guidelines advise you to avoid common dishes such as pizzas with cheese, hamburgers, and meat sandwiches, it is best to allow yourself a period of time to adopt these new habits. Remember the effort will be well worth it when you experience the many health benefits of proper food combining that include increased energy and increased fat burning that could lead to weight loss.

Healthy Eating And Nutrition Advice For Men

A healthy diet is more than just fuel for the body; it not only helps you fight disease, but keeps you looking young and active. Typically, men love their meats and fatty foods and this often affects their health in a big way. Healthy eating for men involves eating the right foods and maintaining the ideal weight with the help of exercise. We give below a few tips for men to achieve this goal.

Eating the Right Foods:

A healthy diet plan for men should include foods from all the food groups in the right proportion. So, your daily intake must comprise of two cups of fruits, two and half cups of vegetables and a minimum of five ounces of whole grains. Whole grains are a rich source of fiber, minerals and vitamins essential for heart health and maintaining the ideal body weight. Vegetables like tomato contain lycopene which is good for your prostrate. Fish, fruits and milk also give the required dose of potassium and calcium that your body needs.

Healthy Eating for Men: Go beyond meats

Men favor meats more than any other food simply because it gives the proteins to aid muscle buildup. Lean beef or lean pork also gives the required quantity of zinc required for the body. But, what is often ignored is the fact that the diet should also be balanced by eating vegetables and whole grains. And meat need not be the only source of protein – you can get it from beans too. Soy beans not only provide protein, but are rich in isoflavones that may reduce the risk of prostrate cancer.

Healthy Eating for Men: Whole grain cereals are good for you

Your energy requirement depends on your weight, height and activity level. In general, men are bigger than women and have more muscle mass. So their calorie requirement is much higher which is easily provided by whole grains. Whole grain bread, cereal or pasta, brown rice, oats and barley are high in fiber and an important source of carbohydrates. These healthy eating foods give you a feeling of fullness and the nutrition as well as the essential energy to see you through the day.

Healthy Eating for Men: Snack on fruits and berries

Fruits like banana are not only a great source for quick energy, but they provide the potassium needed to regulate the heartbeat, the nerves and reduce the risk of strokes. Vitamins and other nutrients found in fruits can assist protein metabolism, aid the immune system and help form blood cells. Colorful berries and cherries contain antioxidants that offer a multitude of health benefits.

Healthy Eating for Men: Make fish a part of your diet

Oily fish like trout, tuna, salmon, sardines, herrings and mackerels contain Omega-3 Fats that benefit the heart, the immune system and help reduce aches and pains. Nutrition experts recommend at least two to three servings of fish each week. Try having your fish steamed or barbequed, never fried to get the best of nutrition.

Healthy Eating for Men: Cut out saturated fats

Cut down your consumption of saturated fats by trimming meats and removing skin. Switch to low-fat dairy products and avoid fried foods. Choose unsaturated fats like olive oil and canola oil as your cooking medium. Include nuts and seeds in your portion control diets. It's quite easy to grab a handful of almonds for a snack or top your salads with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds instead of mayonnaise.

Healthy Eating for Men: Control the portions

Men always seem to have a problem controlling how much food they ladle on to the plate. While eating adequate quantity is a must, overeating as we know, leads to severe complications. To bring in a semblance of control, use portion control plates and scoopers. Portion control plates have clear demarcations for the food that is placed on the plate. Portion control scooper are also vital because you can control and measure the quantity of food that is served.

As we mentioned earlier, a healthy eating diets can work wonders for your body only if you exercise. Make time to exercise at least two to three times per week. You can also increase your daily activity by simply taking the stairs or walking to your car which is parked a block away. Walking helps burn the calories and keeps you fit.

Spicy Asian Carrot and Green Bean Salad

Carrots are a great way to add color and nutrients to your menu. They're full of flavor, make an eye-catching presentation, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Carrots get their distinctive orange color from beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a powerful anti-oxidant and immune-system booster found in fruits and vegetables, and carrots are the best source. Carrots are also high in fiber and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6 and vitamin A. They're also rich in minerals like iron and copper.

In this recipe, carrots team up with crisp green beans, spicy chilies, and a flavorful Asian dressing base. If you prefer a less spicy version, substitute one small green bell pepper, sliced thin, for the chilies. To avoid irritation, be sure to wash your hands frequently when handling chilies, and take care not to touch your eyes as you cook with them.

This dish is best made ahead of time and allowed to chill in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve. It works especially well as a side dish for barbecues, or as a salad course served with your favorite Chinese or Thai entrees.

Spicy Asian Carrot and Green Bean Salad

1/4 cup lime juice
3 tablespoons canola oil
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar, firmly packed
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1-2 tablespoons garlic, chopped fine
1-2 tablespoons grated orange peel
2 small green chilies, stemmed, seeded, and sliced into thin rounds
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 pound fresh green beans, ends trimmed and cut into bite-sized pieces
1 9-ounce package linguine noodles
2 cups shredded carrots
1 cup green onions, sliced thin

Stir all ingredients except for green beans, linguine, carrots and onions in a medium bowl. Season dressing with salt and pepper to taste. Let mixture stand for about half an hour to make sure flavors blend well.
Bring a large pot of water to boil. Add green beans and boil for about two minutes. Drain off hot water and immediately run cold water over green beans. Allow beans to cool thoroughly, then drain again, pat dry and set aside.
Bring another large pot of water to boil. Add the linguine noodles and cook until just tender, for about seven or eight minutes. Drain the noodles and run them under cold water, then drain again.
Combine the green beans, pasta, carrots, green onions and dressing in a large bowl, tossing gently to coat. Season with additional salt and pepper if desired. Cover and refrigerate for up to six hours before serving.

What Are The Different Chicken Alfredo Recipes?

Planning for your weekly menu can be a challenge; you would not want to keep repeating the same dishes. Variety is important, as it affects the amount of nutrition you receive from the food; moreover, you will find yourself more eager to eat if you get to taste different dishes each day. By being more creative and resourceful in thinking of the dishes each day, you can create a gastronomic pleasure with the meals you prepare.

Chicken Alfredo is quite a versatile recipe, since you can make several dishes with it. You can create pasta, pizza and a baked treat with this superb-tasting recipe. Hence, you can prepare the same Alfredo sauce and use it in a variety of ways. This recipe is definitely perfect for those who are budget-conscious. Thus, check it out and try these amazing dishes for your everyday meals.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Pizza is a great snack loaded with nutritious goodness and exciting taste. Kids and adults alike will love sinking their teeth in a crusty and meaty pizza. This particular recipe uses a delicious sauce made from black pepper, milk, flour, butter, Romano cheese and salt. Mix it up with the tangy taste of garlic butter, which is a combination of dried rosemary, garlic salt and butter. You can make the dough from scratch, or you can purchase the ones available in the supermarket.

This scrumptious pizza recipe takes about 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. Let the pizza cool for about 10 minutes, and you can already enjoy a great treat for teatime.

Alfredo Pasta

Enjoy the savoury aroma and rich taste of pasta made with Alfredo sauce. For this recipe, you can use linguine or fettuccine. Simply use a variety of herbs and spices to give the dish that tangy taste. Among the seasonings you can put are salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and garlic. Give this dish a rich and creamy texture by adding in Parmesan or cheddar cheese. This delightful recipe is as nutritious as it is scrumptious; it is rich in protein, carbohydrates and the right amount of fats.

You can prepare this dish for about half an hour, and cook time takes the same amount of time. Serve it with buttered garlic bread and an ice-cold beverage for a satisfying lunch or a heavy snack.

Alfredo Con Chicken and Eggplant

This fried and baked recipe is truly enticing to the taste buds. You will love the perfect combination of chicken and eggplant, which produces a nutritious main course for lunch or dinner. Moreover, this dish comes with a rich taste because of the combination of a variety of seasonings; the recipe uses milk, eggs, mozzarella cheese, Italian breadcrumbs and Alfredo sauce.

Simply combine the ingredients well before baking it for about an hour. Let it cool for a few minutes and serve it with your choice of cold beverage and fresh fruits.

You will definitely love the rich taste and savoury aroma of these Alfredo dishes. Try making these for a truly satisfying everyday meal. You and your family will definitely love these recipes, which come with great health benefits, as well.